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30 March 2012  

DietCare EzyDrink 10

DietCare EzyDrink 10 is an instant soluble potato based starch developed specifically for use in dietary powders and gels where its controlled thickening effect helps a safe intake of the liquid. It can be blended with other ingredients or used on its own and it is suited for use in both cold and hot drinks and food. The desired thickness is easily obtained by adjusting the dosage.

DietCare EzyDrink 10 is produced using a unique agglomeration technique that avoids formation of lumps and ensures a fast and easy dispersion.

DietCare EzyDrink 10 is based on high quality potato starch and therefore has a clean and neutral taste. It develops a short and smooth texture and a superior transparency.

The very high water binding capacity makes it possible to obtain the desired viscosity level while adding a lower dosage of the starch. Furthermore, DietCare EzyDrink 10 demonstrates an excellent stability towards harsh conditions, such as high temperatures and microwave treatment, and it tolerates a low pH environment. It also resists freezing and subsequently thawing without losing its functional properties.

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DietCare EzyDrink 10

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