About KMC

Responsible business

Food matters

Food quality and good hygiene are essential if we humans are to thrive.

KMC ingredients are an integral component in a vast range of foods products – so we’re determined to live up to the ethical responsibilities this brings.

The way we do this stems from basic common sense and responsible business practices that are a natural part of our mindset and practical heritage.

Close control

KMC is 100%-owned by potato growers in Denmark, and operates under the eagle eye of the world’s most stringent environmental legislation.

Being grower-owned means we have much more control over the entire supply chain. Being owned by practically minded Danish potato farmers gives us a unique, hands-on appreciation of how important it is never to cut corners, and to protect and steward our resources responsibly for the generations to come.

Complete, transparent control of the KMC supply chain also means we have a unique opportunity to make sure we do things in an environmentally responsible way.

Long-term responsibility

Sustainability, environmental responsibility, limiting our use of energy and being careful with any emissions and discharges from our production activities are all things we are intensely aware of and careful about.

For us, these aren’t just fancy words – they’re basic common sense and part of a practical awareness of the long-term perspectives in what we do. At KMC, we prefer to be judged on our actions rather than any empty declarations.

Starting with standards

To achieve this, we carry out consistent, structured inspections and quality assurance procedures using the most effective technology available.

We can supply all the food hygiene, food safety and quality control certification appropriate to each customer’s specific requirements, including HACCP/ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, GMP+ etc.

Natural advantage

Because KMC growers work under the most stringent environmental legislation in the world, you’re sure of world-class ingredients made from potatoes grown in clean soil, air and water – a natural advantage that’s hard to beat.

Our close ties with our grower-owners also mean we always know exactly where each potato we use comes from and how it was grown. We monitor and document the entire supply chain.

Mutual interest

KMC doesn’t just source raw materials from the anonymity of world markets. We have a clear policy of sourcing from our own carefully vetted suppliers, who are at the same time part-owners of the company. Every member of our board of directors is also a farmer and supplier. This means we all work towards the same goals.

This kind of dynamic mutual interest means we can be sure of providing KMC customers with top-quality products, backed by all the necessary provenance and quality assurance requirements.

No quick answers

In the world of agriculture and food ingredients, there are no earth-shattering short cuts or quick answers. Any seemingly easy options almost always have repercussions later.

Soil, fields, crops, vegetation and natural resources aren’t machines, and none of us can control the climate or the weather. Investments in infrastructure, irrigation, plant improvements, using new types of fertiliser, etc. all take time to assess – and to work.

Investing in the future

At KMC, we don’t just buy from our suppliers. We invest in their capabilities, help them in all kinds of practical ways, run trials on how they can improve their crops and share our accumulated know-how with them.

It’s a responsible investment in our shared future.

Action not words

At KMC, we try not to make hot-air statements that we can’t live up to. Actions speak much louder than words.

Your response is welcome

Your response is welcome KMC is committed to making sure its staff, suppliers and working partners comply with the highest standards – both written and unwritten – when doing business.

We would welcome any ideas that could lead to improvements. If there’s anything you would like to know about how we at KMC conduct our operations, please contact our CEO Jesper Burgaard at jbu@kmc.dk.

If you wish to express an opinion on any particular point, or draw our attention to something you disagree with, please contact KMC legal counsel Axel Bonde at ab@kmc.dk


If you’d like to download a more comprehensive statement about KMC’s position on responsible business, click here

If you’d prefer a printed version, please contact Axel Bonde at ab@kmc.dk.

Please note that this document will be adjusted and updated, when appropriate.

Statement about potatoes and modern plant protection methods

If you’d like to download a statement about KMC’s position on our versatile, valuable and vulnerable potatoes and modern plant production, click here.

If you’d prefer a printed version, please contact Christian Feder at cf@kmc.dk.

Please note that this document will be adjusted and updated, when appropriate.

Whistle-blower scheme

KMC has a formalized whistleblower scheme that includes the KMC group entities.

The scheme has focus on misconduct and suspicion of misconduct, which might be crucial to individuals lives or health or to the included KMC group companies or their associated companies.

If you need more information or want to report an incident, please click here.

UK Modern Slavery Act

KMC is commercially active in the UK and has an annual global net turnover of more than 36 million GBP, which obliges us to prepare a statement in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act.

KMC is committed to ensure that no modern slavery or human trafficking is taking place in any part of our business or value chain. Our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking statement reflects our ongoing commitment to act ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships.

If you wish to download the KMC statement against modern slavery and human trafficking prepared in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act, please click here.