Doing business

Keeping business personal

We’re determined to make doing business with KMC a positive experience, and to keep our business practices personal, agile and responsive. You talk to the people who make the practical decisions about the ingredients we supply, you have access to our know-how and you can always get together with KMC experts to mould new capabilities.

In the big picture, KMC is a relatively small ingredients company. That means we have to be selective about which products to develop and sell, and which customers to work with. We don’t – and won’t – try to be all things to everyone.

Our capabilities are in the big league, but we’re determined to stay down-to-earth, practical and direct in all our dealings with our carefully selected customers, via KMC local partners in more than 90 countries worldwide.

That’s why we run a lean, intensely focused sales and support organisation. Our customer service consists of enthusiastic people with loads of experience – quick to respond, eager to help.