KMC characteristics

A culture of consideration

What we do and how we do it have impacts and wide-ranging branching – so we aim to make a positive impact by being mindful of how we behave.

KMC is an employer and a manufacturer of food ingredients. We take both these roles very seriously, and work with a “culture of consideration” about everything we do.

Obligations and responsibilities

KMC is an employer and a manufacturer of high-quality ingredients used throughout the food industry. Both these roles bring big responsibilities.

Here at KMC, we work with a “culture of consideration” about everything we do:

  • Our staff, their wellbeing and effectiveness
  • The quality of our surroundings
  • Our interaction with local communities
  • Our involvement in human nutrition and health
  • The way we do business and the effects this has on the people and things around us
  • Our customers and the success of their business.

Yes, a “culture of consideration” can only be an intention and yes, it’s difficult to measure success/failure. But we reckon it’s always better to try to improve things than to simply rest on our laurels and do nothing.

People power

KMC survival and success depend on the know-how and capabilities of the people who work here.

That’s why we encourage, support and nurture their wellbeing – both here-and-now and in the long term. That means effective welfare packages, ongoing training and staff development, and generally being respectfully mindful about how our staff are getting on.

Because we’re a modest-sized, tight-knit company – our staff only number about 200 – we can do this consistently and effectively.

Delegated responsibility

KMC is also a very “flat”, non-hierarchical company – with loads of delegation to experienced experts who know how to navigate the many shoals of day-to-day problem solving in their specialist fields.

We give people responsibility and value their initiative, and our experience is that our employees thrive on this.

Lots of KMC staff have been here for a long time, and we consider this a good indicator that our intentions are pretty much in synch with delivery.

Surrounding success

The quality of our surroundings helps boost effectiveness and on-the-job satisfaction.


Our HQ building, in particular, is designed to help reinforce and reflect our emphasis on transparency, multidisciplinary collaboration and focus on using KMC ingredients in the best possible way to help our customers make their products better.

Influence on impacts

The raw materials for KMC ingredients come out of the ground, cultivated by the Danish potato farmers that own KMC. And the ingredients we make end up in people’s food, via our customers’ products.

This means the way we do things has a substantial knock-on effect. We can exert influence – good or bad.

That’s why we’re determined to act responsibly, as part of our “culture of consideration” for our fellow humans and our shared environment.

Shared interests

There’s a big overlap between our customers’ success and our own best interests. To be absolutely honest, it pays for us to be concerned about your company’s success. What’s good for you is probably also good for us.

So we’re determined to play our role in making sure this happens.