KMC characteristics

Dependable supply

KMC is 100%-owned by Danish potato growers in Denmark. This unique grower-owned structure gives us full control over the entire supply chain, with a guaranteed supply of quality-controlled raw materials with rigorously documented provenance.

Secure supplies

KMC is 100%-owned by potato growers in Denmark, and operates under the eagle eye of the world’s most stringent environmental legislation. Being grower-owned means we have much more control over the entire supply chain. We have a guaranteed supply of quality-controlled raw materials with rigorously documented origin, which also helps us boost the quality of our ingredients products.

Independent of commodity markets

This then means that we don’t (normally) have to source the raw materials for KMC ingredients in unstable, anonymised world commodity markets. This ensures you consistent, fully traceable supplies of the ingredients you and your production set-up need – even when world markets for potatoes and potato starch are in turmoil, for whatever reasons.

Investing in the future

At KMC, we don’t just buy raw materials from our rigorously vetted suppliers. We also invest in their capabilities, help them in all kinds of practical ways, run trials on how they can improve their crops and share our accumulated know-how with them. It’s a responsible investment in our shared future, and provides direct, practical benefits for our customers.

Reducing risk

In the food industry, mitigating risk can be crucial for long-term commercial success. The unique grower-owned KMC set-up provides you with a degree of supply reliability that no other company can match.

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