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The CheeseMaker alternative

In the fiercely competitive markets for bulk consumer products, more and more manufacturers of cheese products are interested in reducing the use of expensive dairy ingredients. Replacing them wholly or in part with a less expensive, easier-to use alternative saves on manufacturing costs as well as smoothing out a wide range of practical production processes.

Partly replacing key milk proteins, such as natural cheese or rennet casein, with potato-based CheeseMaker specialty starch ingredients enables you to manufacture cost-effective imitation cheese products, with no quality or appearance downsides.


CheeseMaker solutions for your particular production needs 

CheeseMaker BL

CheeseMaker BL solutions are specially developed to meet the practical requirements of manufacturers of “block” cheese products.

There are CheeseMaker BL solutions that can replace milk protein in semi-hard block cheese and others that are suitable for hard cheese alternatives, such as imitation parmesan cheese.

CheeseMaker starches for semi-hard cheese differ with regard to meltability in the imitation cheese products – from imitation pizza cheese with excellent melting to resistant melting in cheese insets, fillings, etc.

The range also provides solutions to replace milk proteins in imitation white cheese, and thus achieve important cost savings. And you still get a product with good organoleptic characteristics, such as a firm appearance and creamy mouthfeel.

  • Easy to use
  • Customisable characteristics
  • Cost-effective

CheeseMaker SP

CheeseMaker SP solutions can replace a large amount of natural cheese in your spreadable cheese recipes.

It’ll give attractive “body”, smoothness and texture to your products without compromising spreadability.

These innovative solutions for spreadable cheese products are easy to implement and will save money both in the formulation and the processing steps.

  • Replace natural cheese and/or milk protein
  • Stable structure and texture
  • Fits easily into production requirements

CheeseMaker CF

CheeseMaker CF casein-free solutions are a full replacement for milk proteins, enabling you to manufacture dairy-free/vegan cheese products.

Different CheeseMaker CF solutions are available to help you customise the performance characteristics of your products.

  • Healthy option: dairy-free, vegan and low-allergenic
  • Lean label with few ingredients
  • Excellent emulsification and texture building 

More info

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  • Working out how using a CheeseMaker solution could benefit your company and its production set-up
  • Selecting an ingredient best suited to your specific cheese production requirements
  • Optimising and improving how you use a CheeseMaker solution in your particular set-up

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