KMC ingredients

Modified starches

Explore the multiple possibilities of modified starched offered by KMC's portfolio. Let us guide you to the right solution for your application and your specific needs.

Process stability

In food processing, mechanical treatment is frequently applied and heat treatment and/or low pH conditions are important features. Where medium to heavy treatment is applied, the starch granules in native starch will break and you will not attain the full functionality of the starch.
KMC’s modified starch series X-Amylo gives you increased processing stability depending on the level of modification. Another benefit is that the starch will provide the product with a shorter texture.
Typical applications are canned meat products and instant soups and sauces.

Decreased retrogradation

Water separation from a starch-containing product can be the result of retrogradation of the starch. Amylacetate from KMC will reduce the tendency to retrogradation. Another benefit of Amylacetate is the low gelatinisation temperature and the excellent transparency of the starch solution.
Typical applications are instant noodles, sauces, snacks and meat & fish products.

Combined modifications

The combination of the two above-mentioned modifications allows us to optimise our starch solutions to specific application and processing conditions utilising the required qualities from both modifications, i.e. stability towards shear, heat and pH and reduced retrogradation.
KMC has two types of combined modifications, Adamyl and X-Amylacetate.
Typical applications are ketchup, dressings, baby food and sauces.