KMC know-how

Expert consultations

The KMC focus is on helping you achieve better results and greater success with your food products. Conferring with KMC ingredients specialists can pave the way to fewer production glitches and greater commercial success.

Opportunities for improvement

If there’s anything you think we can do to help you improve your products or optimise your manufacturing set-up, you’re welcome to visit our KMC Food Innovation Centre, consult with our experts, or get one of our KMC ingredients specialists to visit your company’s production facility.

KMC Application experts and R&D specialists are at your quick-response disposal for consultations about everything from here-and-now problem-solving to radical production optimisation and long-term development plans.

The advantage of adjustment

In most processed foods, there’s a constant tide of technical development, market fluidity and changes in consumer expectations. So such consultations don’t have to be rare occurrences.

Conferring with KMC ingredients specialists can help you repeatedly adjust the ingredient recipes or production settings you use, to meet changing market requirements and consumer preferences.

Selectivity payoff

We can do this because we’re selective about our customers as well as the product groups for which we provide ingredients.

Our know-how is practical, focused and available, and we provide an active, carefully managed programme of expert consultations that we encourage you to opt into.

Long-term perspectives

Agility is important for navigating fluid, easily disrupted markets that’re often influenced by media-driven fads and consumer unpredictability.

Accessing KMC know-how can help ensure maximum flexibility, rapid responses and product specs sculpted to provide your company and its products with long-term resilience.