KMC know-how

KMC Food Innovation Centre

The food-grade experimental kitchens in KMC Food Innovation Centre prepare small-portion trial batches of key customer products – optimising and developing the best production settings to get the most out of the KMC ingredients you choose.

Excellence by experiment

The KMC Food Innovation Centre consists of specially designed food-grade experimental kitchens in which our resident experts use KMC ingredients to prepare small-portion trial batches of key customer products, using standard commercial equipment.

We’re continually extending, re-equipping and refining these KMC facilities, testing and evaluating new recipes and documenting the impact of different sets of production conditions.

The KMC Food Innovation Centre is specially designed to meet the unique needs of our particular type/size of customer, with rapid-response expert help as and when you need it.

Rapid action

This set-up means we can very quickly carry out series of 3–4 trials in the same time you can perhaps just do one try on your full-size production set-up.

We can carry out trials of new production configurations without your staff having to disturb your revenue-generating output. This means development of new ideas, settings tweaking and your mainstream production can all take place at once.

Creative incubator

Practical expertise and detailed recommendations from KMC Application experts help you choose the right ingredient and the right recipe for your particular product requirements, and then enable you to establish production settings to get the most out of the KMC ingredients you choose.

The KMC Food Innovation Centre is a creative, technical incubator for new product ideas, process adjustments, recipe optimisation and trials of new KMC ingredients.

Interactive innovation

We invite our customers to visit the KMC Food Innovation Centre whenever needed –accompanied by an expert from your local KMC partner, if appropriate –or to get one of our KMC specialists to visit your production set-up, if ever there’s something we can do to help.

We build our business by helping you make a success of yours, and applied know-how is the most effective way to do this.