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Once upon a time…. Most fairytales start with these words, and looking at KMC, we consider our own history quite a fairytale.

“Over the years we have seen KMC develop from a small, local company and into a big, global company” CEO Nicolai Hansen explains. He continues by comparing KMC with the fairytale “The ugly duckling” by the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, where the little "ugly duckling" grew up to become a “beautiful swan” ready to conquer the world.

He continues: “right now – here at KMC Headquarter – we are experiencing our very own beautiful fairytale right outside our windows. Just about 7 meters from our building – two swans have built the most impressive nest and on 1 June, the first little cygnet saw the light of day and soon more came”.

“So now we have 6 little cygnets and 2 parent swans enjoying life right in front of us and as you can see from the below photos, they are not at all ugly” he states.  

We hope the 6 cygnets will manage all the challenges that life gives and grow up to become 6 beautiful swans – just like in the fairytale.

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