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ISO 50001 Energy management at KMC

At KMC we are pleased to announce that we have been verified and approved in Energy Management according to ISO 50001.The verification and approval covers both KMC Granules factory, the KMC Derivat factory and our wastewater treatment plant.

​Energy management is about optimisation and about making our energy consumption more efficient – also in the future. The three facilities annually use 13,500,000 kWh electricity and 9,000.000 m3 of gas. These huge amounts of energy equal the consumption of 4-5,000 Danish house holds.

In connection with the energy management system, KMC has established goals for reducing the annual energy consumption of gas and electricity in KMC Derivat and KMC Granules by 2%. In other words, we want to produce a ton of product with an energy consumption, which is more than 6% lower in 2017/18 compared to 2014/15.

​In the wastewater treatment plant, we go even further and have a goal for reduction of the energy consumption by 10% up until 2017/18.

These goals are highly ambitious and require investments and follow-up from all employees in the concerned facilities. However, with the high consumption of energy, the financial savings achievable will be quite high.

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