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Veganuary refers to the month of January and is about eating vegan for a month because you believe that it is good for your health and for the environment.

"While living vegan, you still want cheese on your pizza or mayonnaise in your sandwich" Hanne, who is business development manager at KMC, says ... " and luckily you can!"

KMC can help product developers formulate vegan alternatives based on potato-based ingredients.

Cheese is an essential ingredient shredded on pizza, sliced in sandwiches or diced in a salad. To develop a dairy-free cheese, it is important to obtain a cheese-like texture and a good sliceability and shreddability.
Furthermore, different melting profiles are required as well. A vegan cheese alternative shredded onto a pizza needs to be easy melting and have a good flowability to cover the pizza toppings. Slices on sandwiches only need a restricted melt and must have an excellent elasticity and foldability. Dices need a firm, brittle and almost flaky texture.

CheeseMaker CF starches both emulsify and texturize and it is easy to make a lean label with only few ingredients. A vegan imitation cheese can easily be formulated with modified potato starch, and you only have to add fat, water and minor ingredients such as flavour, colour and salt. Potato starch is very white in colour and neutral in taste, so it is easy to make different customised cheese products.

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Mayonnaise is great as dip with French fries or as spread in a sandwich. For the vegan consumers, you can make an egg-free version with EmulsiForm CM 1120. Replacing eggs has a number of advantages.

Not only is it possible to make vegan products, but also cholesterol-free mayonnaise-type products or dressings that will be perceived as healthier by the consumers. Eggs are also a well-known allergen and removing them from the products will make it allergen-free.
Modified potato starch can be stored at ambient temperature and has a long shelf life, especially compared to fresh eggs or egg yolks. The dosage is much lower than for eggs, which makes it a very cost-effective solution as well. EmulsiForm CM 1120 is pH and shear stable, so it is easy to apply in the production.
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