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Precisely at 10.18 am on May 28, the new KMC office facilities in Shanghai was officially taken into operation, and the timing was just right to ensure future prosperity & success.

In his opening speech Mr. Jens Helmer Larsen, Regional Director for Asia Pacific highlighted the 20 years anniversary of the KMC Sales office in Shanghai celebrated in 2018, but also the need for a “facelift” of the office facilities, which apart from the office also includes a new Application center established to strengthen our ability to serve our customers with an extended service in the future.
“KMC is all about “Know-how and Show-how”, and we follow our long term ambitions of being “close to our customers” and working with them on a long term basis” Jens Helmer concluded.
The event completes the establishing of application facilities in both Shanghai, China and in Bangkok, Thailand from where the South East Asian region will be covered.
The KMC Asia Pacific team was present in connection with a team building event & Strategy review for the coming 2019/2020 harvest year, which looks promising based on new production capacities in Denmark following the KMC growth plan within basic potato starch commodities and value added potato ingredients solutions.