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For many years, KMC has entered various exiting and interesting partnerships with many different educational institutions and their students. We have cooperated with research projects, food technology students or other students writing their final project at KMC, company visits for students at Agricultural colleges, Universities or foreign students studying in Denmark and many more. Apart from this, KMC has contributed with a project in FoodTechChallenge, which was part of the FoodTech exhibition in Herning, Denmark November 2016, where a team of young and ambitious students worked with the exploitation of protein in potatoes and did quite well. 

Together with 13 other Danish companies, KMC has now accepted participating in an untraditional cooperation with Design School Kolding. The agreement includes that KMC delivers an amount of our pulp (by-product from potato processing), which the students of Design School Kolding have then used to make products for an exhibition at Milan Design Week, which took place from April 4 to April 9, 2017 in Milan.

The students from Design School Kolding had free reins with the pulp and the work ended out with an installation focusing on our culture of consumption. Susanne Nors, who just graduated from Design School Kolding explains “the installation is a jab to our “throw-away-society” where massive amounts of material are thrown away every single day”. She continues “therefore, we have tried to orchestrate sustainability in a new and easy way by making the piece of art ’REDO Super Supermarked’, where the products are made by residual products. We are trying to draw attention to the fact that re-use and sustainability can and should be a natural part of the business model of industries – both because it is rather trendy right now but also because of the scarcity of resources that the world is facing if we do not act on it” she finalizes.

The contribution of Design School Kolding for the Milan Design Week was by the way nominated for the prestigious award “Milan Design Award” – a great acknowledgement to the school. Read more about the Design Award 2017 here:

At the photo the Danish Minister for Culture visits the REDO Super Supermarked at the Milan Design Week. From the left it is Communication Manager at Design School Kolding Charlotte Melin, Rector Design School Kolding Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen and Minister for Culture Mette Bock.

Potato chips made by the by product Pulp from KMCs production of potato starch.

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