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KMC wins the Agricultural Growth Prize 2015

On Friday September 18, 2015, KMC was awarded with the Agricultural Growth Prize 2015.

KMC was nominated for the price together with four other companies within the agriculture business.

Common to the five candidates was that they all created their growth based in the agriculture sector. All companies have experienced a healthy growth not only based on acquisitions or mergers and they are all in the top of their business.

They all experienced a growth of between 15 and 20 percent measured on turnover in 2014 compared to 2013 and they have all shown the ability of creating work places and earn money over a period of years.

The reason for the result:

"The winner is the company that managed to navigate specifically successful through big changes in the market terms. Through innovation, strong customer orientation and a close cooperation and a good communication with the farmer suppliers KMC achieved exceptional good results".

KMC’s CEO Nicolai Hansen received the prize.

"I can only say that we are honoured of the nomination in such strong field. As I see it, we had 20% chance of winning and the fact that we were chosen as winner, makes us very proud and happy. Earlier it was mentioned that the external communication strengthens the internal communication and I am convinced that our employees will be happy and proud too. I want to thank the other candidates for the good competitions and we are very happy for the prize" Nicolai Hansen said.


The board of KMC and CEO. From left: Anders Dyrberg, Martin Arvad, Laurits Rosenlund, Peter C. Petersen, Nicolai Hansen, CEO, Jens Jørgen Hansen, Kristian Møller Sørensen. Photo: Peter Prik Larsen.