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Roaring prosperity - and revenue - several years in a row, makes KMC the winner of the annual Growth prize awarded by Nykredit.

Foto: Torben Worsøe, LandbrugsMedierne.

KMC Kartoffelmelcentralen wins the Growth prize of 2018. This was announced on Friday September 28 at the conference "Growth'18" arranged by the agricultural media.

Agricultural Director at Nykredit, Poul Erik Jørgensen awarded the prize to CEO Nicolai Hansen in front of 400 participants at the conference.

"You found a completely new way to grow - and I understand that you plan to grow even more in the future", Poul Erik Jørgensen from Nykredit said. 

"In my mind it is completely amazing what you can do with something like this" he said holding up a potato in front of CEO Nicolai Hansen who was pleasantly surprised.

"I didn't believe we were to receive it again" he said. "As we received it in 2015, I was convinced that someone else were to have it" he continued in his speech of thanks and finished by saying "we are very proud to receive this prize again".