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KMC has now chosen a replacement for the position as managing director after Nicolai Hansen and it will be the 51-year-old Jesper Burgaard, who is educated chemistry engineer and furthermore holds a diploma in business administration within marketing and has more than 20 years of managerial experience from the food industry.

Jesper Burgaard joins KMC from a position as managing director at Scan-Hide, the leading manufacturer-owned company in Europe within rawhides and semi-manufactures. He takes on the position during summer 2019 after Nicolai Hansen, who after 9 successful years with KMC has chosen to resign to take on new challenges.  

About the choice of Jesper Burgaard, the chairman of the board of KMC Peter C. Petersen says: “We look forward to welcoming Jesper Burgaard to KMC. Jesper Burgaard has proven a skilled manager capable of creating results and we are proud to have a man with his experience and knowledge join the KMC team. Apart from the strong managerial abilities and a set of values very much in line with the special spirit at KMC, the background of Jesper as managing director in a cooperative and a strong business experience has made him the right candidate for the position as managing director”.

New managing director of KMC Jesper Burgaard also looks forward to taking on the new challenge: “I look forward to joining an innovative company in growth with good values, based on a strong market position and a unique company culture. I am fond of becoming part of the management and the KMC team and to continue the positive development in the company,” Jesper Burgaard says.

During the last years, KMC has excelled as a successful company with a number of record financial accountings and latest continued the positive development with a growth of 10% in 2018. Therefore, Jesper Burgaard can take the lead of a healthy developing KMC.

Jesper Burgaard