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New potato based protein for human nutrition

For some time, KMC has worked on developing a potato based protein for human nutrition and we are now ready to present: Protafy.

Potato protein perfectly match the nutritional needs, which are vital for supporting health and well-being of humans. “We have succeeded in developing a dietary protein with fantastic nutritional value” Mads Bjerregaard Larsen, Product Manager for Protein and Sidestreams at KMC explains. “Protafy is an excellent protein quality that is easy to digest and offers a complete nutritional profile, which makes it ideal for boosting protein content and nutritional value of foods and snacks. As Protafy does not affect the functional properties of the food product, it is easily combined with existing formulations .”
We have tested our dietary potato protein together with several potential customers, and latest we had the pleasure of presenting it to the Research & Development unit Kulinarium at Aalborg university Hospital who visited us to test some of their recipes with addition of Protafy. Read about their experiences here:


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