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In connection with the Annual General Meeting at KMC held on November 16, 2018, it was announced that CEO Nicolai Hansen at his own request has decided to resign from his position by the end of June 2019. By then, he will be 62 years old.  

As Nicolai took over the responsibility of the company in 2010, KMC was in an uncertain situation where the upcoming EU decoupling meant that the company from 2012 would lose and annual subsidy of 88 mio. DKK. The entire business saw itself placed on a burning platform and the future scenarios were blood red.
It did not end up quite as bad. The blood red scenarios didn’t happen. Thanks to our 88/15 strategy plan with the focus to create an increased basis for earnings through development of more high-value products, we solved the assignment.
Since then, KMC has developed into an increasingly positive story.
”I am leaving a company on the top and justly feel that I can call it “a mission accomplished”, Nicolai Hansen, says.
Throughout his career, Nicolai has built strong networks including companies, knowledge institutions and public authorities and he expects to contribute to these areas as board member, bridge-builder or special consultant/advisor.
The KMC Chairman of the Board, Peter C. Petersen thanked Nicolai for his engaged effort and stated that the board will aim at having a new CEO ready before Nicolai leaves KMC next summer.