Casper Kjærgård Rosenkvist Nielsen Process Operator

Getting easier to do more

Casper only started his job as process operator around Christmas 2016 – but is already trained to monitor and run two of the major systems at KMC Derivate – the two spray-drying towers and two wet vacuum wheels.

The output from each vacuum wheel amounts to about 35 metric tons in a single five-hour period – often with different customer recipes involved. That places a lot of responsibility on Casper and his colleagues, who are usually in charge of each system for about week at a time.

“Worldwide demand for KMC products is constantly on the increase,” explains Casper.

“We’re constantly upgrading our equipment to increase output, and one of the key improvements lies in more automation. This is great, because it makes our jobs easier, at the same time as we’re producing more.

But there’s a delicate balance between the benefits of spending time on upgrading to boost future efficiency and satisfying growing here-and-now pressure to output, and Casper says the whole team – from the production manager and R&D specialists down – is good at talking about what’d be best.

But there’s more to the job than just the equipment and operations. About working at the plant, Casper says, “I only have positive things to say about working at KMC – it’s a company that treats its staff well. Us operators are really in a good place.”