Karina Nygaard Thomsen Supervisor for Delivery

Company values that make sense for me

“This job is a great fit for me,” declares Karina Nygaard Thomsen, recently promoted to Delivery Supervisor at KMC Derivate after 2 years at the company, where she arrived after 15 years in a similar position at Arla Foods. Helped by a team of four, she is responsible for coordinating and dispatching QA-approved products to the right KMC customers all over the world – a pivotal first step towards customer satisfaction.

“I’m a mother of four, so for me it’s fantastic to have a great job with good colleagues, inspiring managers and lots of challenges – but also be able to turn off completely, without worrying, when I go home,” she says.

Karina reckons she’s really landed on her feet. “When I started here, I was surprised by people’s openness and willingness to help each other. But it’s not just an individual thing – our managers really ’walk the talk’ about our values, and get everybody involved in solid, down-to-earth teamwork. We’re a small team and everyone at KMC Derivate knows each other at least a bit, but our output is also growing at an incredible rate, so we’re really dependent on being able to deal with our differences and to get along.”