Kurt Jensen Operator

Potatoes in – satisfaction out

Kurt Jensen is one of the lynchpins in KMC’s potato supply chain – in peak season up to 60 trucks a day deliver their loads to him and his colleagues at the KMC Granules weigh-in centre.

But it’s impossible for the KMC Granules plant to process that much all at once – so there’s also a storage facility that can hold as much as 19,500 tons of potatoes waiting to enter the plant over the year. These potatoes have to last as long as possible in as good condition as possible – they mustn’t deteriorate or rot, and they have to be kept above 8°C to make sure the sugar content is as low as possible. That’s important for the quality of the flakes and granules the plant produces.

It’s up to Kurt and his colleagues to keep the plant inputs consistent and at peak quality over the course of the year, until the new season starts around 1 August – an ongoing balancing act.

“I’ve been here since 2011, and I really enjoy my job – nobody tells me what to do. KMC is very good at giving us free rein to get the job done as well as possible.”

Kurt also has another perspective about KMC: ”I’m also the 3F trade union rep here at KMC, and it’s remarkable how little I have to do. The people working here are so pleased with their jobs and their employer.”