Lone Lundsgaard Debitor accounts clerk

Payments make our world go round

The ongoing success of KMC’s business depends on us getting promptly and fully paid for the multitude of products we sell to customers all over the world.

On of the key agents in making this happen is debitor accounts clerk Lone Lundsgaard. She and her 7 colleagues are responsible for administering outstanding payments that usually bubble around DKK 220 million, involving countless different modes of payment. “Every day is different!” declares Lone – despite working with the same thing.

And the accounts people don’t work alone.

They cooperate closely with KMC sales companies in Denmark, Germany, the UK, Russia, China, Thailand, Hong Kong and UAE, to follow up on payments and circumstances.

“We help each other get the job done,” as Lone explains.

”I’ve been here since 2003, in which time KMC HQ staff has more than doubled and our turnover has grown by 300%. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the sense of ‘nobody being better than anyone else’. In the ever-important lunchtimes in our canteen, we still all mix freely, and sit with whoever happens to be there. I think this one of the things that really makes KMC stand out,” Lone points out.