Maria Elena Hansen Confectionery Specialist

We make KMC products work for our customers

It’s a long way from my native Venezuela to the world of Danish potato starch,” admits KMC confectionery specialist Maria Elena Hansen.

Part of the explanation lies in her food science master’s degree, which in 2012 led Maria to becoming KMC’s point-woman expert in the countless ways our products get used in confectionery – and in gums and jellies, particularly. She also prepares key info for KMC sales technicians, keeping them up to date on how KMC ingredients can help our customers.

“It’s my job to help customers deal with the details of using KMC products,” explains Maria. “This involves frequent customer contact and sometimes even on-site visits – we can’t replicate everything in the lab.” That is why it’s important to follow up with factory trials using the customer’s own equipment, she points out, and also for learning-by-doing training of the customer’s technical staff.

“KMC is constantly getting bigger and we’re always busy – I love that. There’s a great sense of openness and constant development here – in every possible way.”