Mette Nees Jensen Research Chemist

Attention to detail

In 2016, Research Chemist Mette Jensen, MSc, left the academic world of molecular nutrition for the real-world practicalities of her first full-time job, in the R&D department at KMC’s HQ in Brande.

“It’s been great – and I really like the sense of the whole company feeling relatively small and acting like ‘one team’ – one that I’m part of,” she explains. “It’s great to have lots of influence on what I work with – and I’m also responsible for following up on my own results”

KMC needs solid documentation for exactly what each ingredient is capable of and how it will perform, as well as the benefits it will provide the customers’ products.

“I’m mostly busy with developing and refining methodologies for these things, so we in KMC know in advance exactly how each ingredient should perform,” explains Mette. It’s a job description that fits Mette like a glove.

Mette is also pleased with her role in liaising with institutions of higher education to introduce the next generation of technical specialists into the world of potato-based ingredients.