Neringa Nielsen Laboratory Technician

Predictable unpredictability

Neringa Nielsen has been a laboratory technician at KMC since 2009, with her main focus on microbiological (and sometimes also chemical) testing. Working in the Quality Assurance department, it’s her job to make sure potatoes delivered to KMC factories don’t contain nasty surprises in the form of bacteria or fungal growths, via stringent testing procedures.

August to January – when the potatoes are harvested and delivered to KMC factories for processing – is normally the busiest time of the year, after which there’s room for greater variety and more project work, and focus on documentation, etc.

Born in Lithuania, Neringa lives in Grindsted and commutes to the KMC labs in Brande every day – about 30 km each way and an easy drive.

“I enjoy coming to work every day,” she says, explaining that a big reason lies in the good balance between familiar routines and challenging variety.

“My assignments vary enough to keep the whole job interesting, and keep me on my toes professionally. I like the degree of self-reliance and self-organisation we have in my department, as well as having good colleagues and a pleasant working environment.”