Per Ole Madsen Caretaker

Freedom to get things done

Per Ole Madsen is the man who keeps everything at KMC HQ working and looking good – a.k.a. the caretaker. That involves everything to do with the buildings (and what goes on in them) and the outdoor areas, and all the behind-the-scenes services, facilities and equipment that simply have to work to keep everyone working at KMC satisfied and effective. Everything from pest control to setting up new desks, chairs, phones and computers for the constant influx of new staff.

Per – himself once a potato grower and now part-time organic farmer –came to KMC early in 2017 from a similar kind of job in another big company, and registered a really big difference.

“We all work much more closely with each other here, and I get good opportunities to get things done. People here are amazingly nice, and I think it’s a great place to work.”

“There’s a lot of learning-by-doing, because on top of normal maintenance and repairs I’m usually trouble-shooting new situations, or dealing with new difficulties. There’s an amazing degree of freedom in my job – I can try anything, and get specialist help if I find it’s needed,” he continues.