Per Thorlund Christensen Agricultural Advisor

Everything stems from potatoes

Agricultural advisor Per Thorlund Christensen says he loves the challenges of his job. Part of a small, enthusiastic team in KMC’s Agro department since 2014, Per is responsible for getting the right quantities of the right kinds of seed potatoes to KMC’s owner-growers, so they in turn can meet KMC’s sales requirements – which have been growing at unprecedented year-on-year rates.

From about March to November he’s mostly out inspecting fields and seed potato crops, examining developments, taking samples and advising growers how best to deal with problems and boost both yields and quality. KMC works with about 25 specialist growers, and it’s Per’s job to help them meet KMC’s exacting needs.

“I really enjoy being part of such a big, effective potato-focused ‘machine’. KMC has been growing constantly, and we’re incredibly fortunate because we’ve always been able to sell our entire production of seed potatoes,” explains Per.

Per grew up on a potato farm, and combines just about every aspect of practical and theoretical know-how about these crops. “Being able to combine theoretical detail and practical implementation makes this job great,” he explains. “We’re helping make decisions about KMC’s future prosperity here …”