Per Vorgaard KMC Granules’ production and maintenance manager

We make things happen

Long before he came to work here, KMC’s production and maintenance manager Per Vorgaard used to zoom past the KMC Granules factory on the motorway. “I always thought it looked interesting for someone like me,” he says.

5+ years ago, a vacancy appeared and Per has been here ever since. Explaining his job, Per says “We’re now a staff of 31 to keep everything running reliably 24/7. We all have to be self-reliant and take responsibility – quick decisions about issues large and small. Sure, we can phone for help, but actually we like the importance of what we’re doing – KMC’s entire output of granules and flakes depends on each of us”

“This makes KMC a really interesting place to work. Our extremely ‘flat’ structure means we’re constantly brainstorming about how to do things better, and the great thing about working here is that the path from idea to action is short and direct. If we agree it’s needed, we just get it done, quickly and effectively.”

“KMC customers from all over the world visit the factory, and they’re usually full of praise for how clean, up-to-date and well-run everything is,” Per says proudly. “We do our utmost to keep it that way, with a big focus on efficiency and energy optimisation – we’re now ISO 50001 certified, for example.”