Sanne Gudsø Nielsen Shipping Assistant

Getting it done

KMC exports 95% of its output to 80+ countries worldwide. One of those making this happen is Sanne Nielsen from our shipping department.

Sanne started at KMC on the reception desk back in 2004, and then later on moved to shipping. “There have been many changes, and the whole company has grown much bigger, as well as more complicated since my start here,” she notes.

One thing that doesn’t change, however, is that KMC has to get all its products transported across the globe to wherever the customer may be, using whatever transport setup can best do the job.

Import and customs setups vary between the many countries to which KMC ships – and piles of documents, hand-written signatures, lots of official rubber stamps and mostly complicated paper-based financial transactions are often required.

 “That’s one of the things I really like about my job – the unpredictability that comes all with the practical problem-solving,” she explains. “We have to deal with every challenge successfully in order to get KMC products from us to them.”