Coffee whitener

Coffe whitener

Coffee whitener has to do its job in hot, acidic environments. You want to avoid taste issues, and to keep costs down.

Heat-stable starches from KMC are the ideal ingredient for helping you towards better product performance at lower cost.

Taste, looks and toughness

Coffee whitener or coffee creamer are usually used as a (lower-cost) substitute for milk or cream.

Any new ingredient you add to the mix for your whitener products mustn’t spoil the taste of the beverage, and has to look the right kind of white.

Regardless of whether your coffee whitener products are intended for private households or the food service industry, they have to be able to do their job flawlessly amid the high temperature and low pH of coffee (or other hot beverages).

From challenge to opportunity

Using milk proteins – usually sodium caseinate – as an ingredient in your whitener product, renders your costs subject to fluctuation. This will probably affect either your profit margins or your competitive edge.

Cost-effective alternative

KMC can provide you with a cost-effective ingredient solution that helps you reduce the sodium caseinate content in your product.

This enables you to roll back production costs while maintaining or improving the characteristics of your coffee whitener product – such as whiteness and flavour – as well as keeping it stable when users pour it into hot beverages.