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Surimi-based product

Surimi is a fish-based paste used as ingredient in surimi-based products such as crab sticks and fish balls.
Manufacturers may add starch ingredients to achieve a more cost-effective recipe or to compensate for the effects of using surimi with weak gel strength.

Fish-like texture

Starch is added to surimi-based products because of its gel-forming capability. The right starch solution can provide a short and brittle structure much similar to that found in “real” fish meat.
Potato starch is ideal for this purpose as it creates a higher gel-strength in the finish product due to its high content of amylose.
KMC Superior Potato Starch is a good and cost-efficient choice in recipes where a clean label solution is desired and where regular surimi (no re-work) is used. The potato starch granules have very high water-binding capacity and a lower gelatinization temperature compared to other starch types which allow manufacturers to cut costs.
KMC Superior Potato Starch has a neutral taste and colour. It is non-GMO and non-allergenic.

Improved freeze/thaw stability

When the surimi-based products must be resistant to freezing for a longer period and when processing steps include harsher steps like pasteurization or vacuum-packaging, a modified starch solution is recommended.  
KMC has a broad portfolio of various modified starches suitable under these conditions.

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Easy re-work at optimal costs

During the production of surimi-based products, manufacturers will occasionally recycle a part of the finished product to the bowl chopper instead of letting it go to waste. However, the proteins in the re-work material have been denaturised during the previous cooking and have no functionality.

Addition of a pre-gelatinized starch will compensate for this loss of gel-strength, viscosity and elasticity and this is essential to prevent ribbons to break during extrusion.

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