Baby food

Babies’ first meals can be a challenge for parents. Taste and texture are essential in making it a good experience.

Potato-based ingredients from KMC can provide controlled viscosity and a pleasant mouthfeel.

Building texture

When a baby starts to eat, the consistency of the meal, whether a porridge or a vegetable mash, is very important. The process of eating is new and unfamiliar to the baby and can be accommodated by providing a meal with the right texture. Not too thick and not too thin; a smooth and uniform substance will make the meal easier for the untrained eater to swallow.  
Starches are important texturizers in both ready-made baby meals and pour-over powder mixes.

Solutions for hot or cold processing

KMC offers a variety of possibilities for both hot and cold processing. KMC Superior Potato Starch for hot processing will give you a long structure whereas NatureBind 1251 will give a shorter structure. For cold processing, NatureBind 1252 or ColdSwell 1111 are excellent choices.
All the above are E-number free solutions.

Neutral taste and colour

Our potato-based solutions are made from potatoes grown by Danish farmers. Potato starch has a clean neutral taste and colour.
Potato-based ingredients from KMC are non-allergenic, non-GMO and halal and kosher certified.

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