Dietary supplements

Dietary powders and gels may fulfil very different needs. Still, whether intended for sportsmen in motion or acting as texture-modifiers in food and beverages for patients with swallowing difficulties, a safe intake must be assured.
KMC has a broad range of potato-based starches with exceptionally high water-binding capacity applicable under various conditions.

Instant thickening

Dietary powders and thickeners can be added to various types of liquids at different temperatures. When poured into the beverage, the powder must disperse quickly and dissolve without forming any lumps.
DietCare EzyDrink 10 is developed specifically for instant thickening within this segment. DietCare EzyDrink 10 is pre-cooked and agglomerated to allow fast dispersion and avoid lump formation. It is suitable for use in both hot and cold beverages and at variating pH.
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“Clean” organoleptic properties

DietCare EzyDrink 10 is based on high quality potato starch and therefore has a clean and neutral taste. It develops a short and smooth texture and a superior transparency.

Efficient thickening

Because the composition of the starch granules of potatoes, they have an exceptionally high water-binding capacity from nature. Add to this the unique spray cooking technique developed and fine-tuned by KMC that allows us to keep the starch granules intact.  
This is the “secret” behind the high performance of our cold-water swelling starches in the DietCare and ColdSwell product ranges.
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Suitable for all

Potato-based starch solutions from KMC are non-GMO, gluten-free, non-allergenic, kosher and halal certified.