Infant and baby formulas

Nutrition and safety are naturally top priorities, when parents choose the formula to feed their baby. But it takes more than this to make the feeding a good experience.

Potato starch from KMC is the ideal texturiser to control viscosity and secure a uniform as well as rich and creamy mouthfeel of the prepared formula.

Quick and easy preparation

An infant formula must be fast and easy to prepare. No cooking is involved; water is simply poured over the powder mix. Therefore, the powder mix must disperse well in the liquid and dissolve evenly without leaving any lumps of undissolved particles.
ColdSwell 1111A from KMC is an agglomerated cold-water swelling starch that will do just that. It is free flowing powder and disperses well in liquid. It dissolves quickly and develops viscosity immediately. Also, ColdSwell 1115A secures a uniform viscosity of the preparation each time.
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Anti-regurgitation and satiety

Babies have a tendency to regurgitate. Adding ColdSwell 1111A will thicken the finished formula and reduce the baby’s inclination to regurgitate and keep it satiated for longer.

Natural appearance and taste

ColdSwell 1111A is made from potatoes grown by Danish farmers. Potato starch has a neutral taste and colour and gives a smooth and milky appearance.

Non-allergic and non-GMO

Some babies are intolerant to traditional milk-based formulas. Potato-based starches are non-allergenic and thus, suited for use in low, no or reduced allergen formulas.
In non-dairy formulas, an emulsifying agent may be needed to emulsify fat in water. EmulsiForm CM 1120 is an excellent emulsifier with all the other benefits of being made from potato starch.
Potato starch from KMC is non-GMO, halal and kosher certified. Furthermore, Superior Potato Starch and ColdSwell 11111A are available in an organic version.

High Quality and Safety standards

Our raw material – the potatoes – are all sourced from Danish growers, who are also our owners. Our unique ownership structure gives us full control of the supply chain from seedling to delivery of the final ingredients to the customers. Our growing and processing practices have evolved under what’s probably the most stringent environmental legislation in the world.
This means that we can offer our customers deliveries of top-quality products, backed by world-class traceability and quality assurance.
Ask for our Food and Safety documentation.

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