Potato-based products and snacks

Coated nuts

Nuts are popular and healthy snack items and they can be coated with starches and spices for a crunchy and tasty experience.

We offer multiple solutions to help you achieve a stable and agreeable coating.

Controlled dough viscosity

Before frying, the nuts are coated in a tasty, viscous dough. Adding a ColdSwell solution secures a uniform viscosity of the dough that will make the dough easy to handle and improves its ability to cling to the nuts. For an E-number free solution, ask for ColdSwell 1111 – our easy-to-use, cold processed clean label solution.

KMC offer a wide range of ColdSwell solutions – read more about ColdSwell here.

By coating the nuts with a starch layer before they are plunged in a spicy dough and fried, the dough will be able to cling better to the nuts. KMC proposes to add a solution of the cold-soluble GlazeMaker 25 as a kind of inner layer.

Fried nuts in a spicy, crunchy dough

During frying, the dough must expand and create the right crispiness of the spicy layer surrounding the nut. KMC Superior Potato Starch is the perfect choice for application. Exposed to the high temperatures during frying, water will evaporate from the starch granules and they will form a porous and brittle network, which the consumer will experience as crispiness.

KMC Superior Potato Starch is a non-GMO and non-allergenic, clean label solution.

Read more about KMC Superior Potato Starch

Baked nuts with beautiful shine and strong adhesion

The appearance and crunch of baked nuts can be enhanced by adding a coating of GlazeMaker 25. GlazeMaker 25 adds a beautiful shine to the nuts and its adhesive properties are excellent for gluing seeds or the like onto the nuts.

GlazeMaker 25 is a cold soluble and easy to use ingredient. It dissolves fast and easily in water and is ready to use immediately. It can be used either before or after baking.

Find more information about GlazeMaker 25 here