Soups & sauces

Emulsified soups & sauces

Emulsified soups & sauces offer a smooth, rich and creamy mouth feel that appeals to consumers. Egg or milk proteins are traditionally used as emulsifiers in soups and sauces.
Some consumers avoid egg and milk products; either because of allergies or because they have chosen a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. For manufacturers of emulsified soups and sauces targeting these consumer segments, KMC proposes an easy-to-use and cost-effective potato-based emulsifying starch solution.

Free from egg or milk

As a manufacturer, you must balance the consumer expectations against making an affordable product. KMC starch solutions can help you make these ends meet.

EmulsiForm CM 1120 is a cost effective and easy-to-use alternative to egg and milk products. The price development and supply situation is much more stable than is the case for eggs and milk proteins. No compromises are made on product quality as EmulsiForm CM 1120 has excellent emulsification properties providing a rich and creamy texture.

EmulsiForm CM 1120 is an easy to use ingredient with long shelf life and it can be stored at ambient temperature. As it is based on potato starch, it allows you to make soups and sauces of vegetable origin. Also, it is non-GMO and non-allergenic and thus fits well into the free from trend. The neutral taste ensures that the flavour sensation is not masked.

EmulsiForm CM 1120 is pre-cooked and can be used in both cold and warm processes.