Spreadable fats

Low-fat spreads

Manufacturing low-fat spreads requires a stable, easily controllable mix of the fat and water phases.

NatureBind potato starches from KMC are the ideal lower-cost alternative to traditional hydrocolloids for doing this.

Hydrocolloid fluctuation

Low-fat spreads normally have a fat content of 40% or less. You probably add hydrocolloids to the water phase to keep your product stable during manufacture, storage and transport, and to make sure your product performs attractively while in use.

Most manufacturers of low-fat spreads use gelatine, pectin and alginates. But the problem is that prices of these traditional hydrocolloids tend to be high – and to fluctuate both considerably and unpredictably.

Natural alternative

KMC can provide you with a natural alternative that’s the ideal replacement or supplement, to help you deal with the price and availability issues associated with traditional hydrocolloid solutions.

NatureBind is a range of potato starches specially developed for stabilising the water phase of low-fat spread products. Completely free of E-numbers, it’s the obvious choice when you need a clean label and/or dairy-free solution.

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