Want to become an expert in making plant-based cheese?

Webinar recording: All you need to know about plant-based cheese solutions

Duration: 30 minutes

Plant-based cheese has steadily found its way to the consumer, and the plant-based cheese revolution is happening as we speak. But one thing is for sure: It requires deep know-how and creative product formulations to succeed in the plant-based cheese industry.

At this webinar, we will guide you through the main trends that will be essential to winning market share in the expanding plant-based market. Moreover, we share our best advice on what it takes to produce plant-based cheese and what it requires in terms of equipment, resources, and ambitions, enabling you to run a successful business in ever-changing market conditions.

The webinar will give you valuable insights into plant-based cheese manufacturing:

  • Why the growing interest in plant-based foods makes now the perfect time to get a head start.

  • Easing the decision-making process; key considerations

  • A guide to plant-based cheese solutions

  • How a case with KMC could look like.

Download the webinar recording