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If you’d like to read more about KMC’s position on responsible
business you're welcome to download our sustainability report. 

Potato power

Explaining KMC

KMC supplies potato-based ingredients, of the highest quality and with documented provenance, to food industry clients throughout the world.

KMC is a cooperative, owned by Danish potato growers, developing, producing and exporting potato-based ingredients for food, feed and other products for more than 90 countries.

One key benefit of this distinctive ownership structure is the exceptionally strict monitoring, which means Danish-sourced starch potatoes are consistently ranked as the most disease-free, clean and natural in the world. 

We do one thing exceptionally well and this approach has proven very successful.


Acting responsibly

The vision is that sustainability is integrated into everything we do. We are well on our way, but can go even further. Therefore, our report is also a way of committing ourselves to the goals we set - and how it goes with achieving them.
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26. March 2024 The potatoes' green goals

As one of Europe’s largest potato starch producers, the KMC Group has a vision and a responsibility...

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