Our green agenda

Potatoes have one of the lowest climate footprints among Danish crops.

We are continuously developing new ways to utilize every part of the potato, with a minimal environmental footprint. 


Sustainable Danish potatoes

To us, sustainability means producing a product that contributes to solving the world’s challenges concerning hunger, climate change and biodiversity. Therefore, it is natural for us to focus on reducing our use of plant protection products, electricity, gas and converting residual products into resources.

At KMC, we are continuously working to strengthen our sustainable growth, and we maintain our strong focus on supporting a circular agenda in everything we do. Because it is simply common sense.

Plant-based opportunities

We develop food ingredients with the aim of replacing as many animal ingredients as possible with potato-based ingredients. For example, we can replace animal gelatine with modified starch in wine gums - as well as cheese, replacing the casein with ingredients from our potatoes.

Our expectation for the near future is that greater transparency in relation to ingredients and climate footprint will be required.  Therefore, we aim to enable our customers to limit CO2 emissions sustainably.



Our five sustainable goals

Since the establishment of KMC, our potato growers have managed to cultivate the lean soil of Jutland with innovative methods and initiatives based on hands-on knowledge. Today, we aim to use the properties of the potato to enhance sustainability in several tangible ways. 

With the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework, we are working to achieve the following five goals by 2025:

1: Replace animal ingredients with plant-based ingredients

2: Increase the use of Danish-produced feed protein over imported alternatives

3: Less use of plant protection products

4: Well-being, safety and diversity

5: Reduce resource consumption and increase wastewater treatment

Read more about our sustainable goals in the CSR-report below.

Sustainability report

If you’d like to read more about KMC’s position on responsible business, you're welcome to download and read our sustainability report here.