Project proposals

If you’re looking for an opening for a research project, development trial, work placement or some other kind of project that you feel could be of interest to KMC, we suggest you get in touch. 

We are open to persuasion via a clear, convincing proposal

Send us a well-structured proposal outlining:

  1. Exactly what you are looking for, what you’d like to do and what educational/training requirements you need to fulfil

  2. Whether you would be working alone, or as part of a team. How many people would be involved, and from which school/college or other educational or training body

  3. Who can vouch for your capabilities, and who would be supervising your project

  4. How long it would take, and what it would require from us

  5. How you think KMC would benefit

  6. What you would like/need KMC to contribute

  7. etc.


Know-how and effort can be packaged in many ways

In our modern employment world, know-how, skills and specialist capabilities aren’t always best packaged in 37-hour weeks and permanent jobs, or best applied sitting in an office in Brande, Denmark.

Here at KMC, we are well aware of the potential for more fluid, short-term collaboration setups, and the benefits they can bring both you and us. They are difficult to define in advance – so make us a suggestion, or come with a proposal.