KMC ingredients


A unique technology to manufacture potato starch that swell up in cold water


For manufacturers of cheese products that are interested in reducing the use of expensive dairy ingredients.


Emulsifying starches for plant-based mayonnaise, dressings, ready-meals and other applications


The Gelamyl range of potato-based modified starches gives you easy access to a wide variety of different textures for your gummies, jellies or other types of sugar confectionery products


Our PlantDeli H100 is perfect in ham solution and good for both cold and warm consumption. 


Ideal for protein fortification of health-oriented products such as baked products, snacks and bars


NatureBind is a range of clean label potato-based starch ingredients with capabilities similar to modified starches. 

Potato Flakes

Extremely effective at binding water when cold, which means you can use them to control the viscosity of any potato mass that your processing set-up uses.

Potato Granules

Potato Granules are a high-quality natural ingredient that’s ideal for binding water. 

Superior Potato Starch

A cook-up starch, which means you have to apply heat to use it as a thickening/binding agent.

Modified starches

Offers various modified starches to meet your specific needs.

Diet Care

An instant soluble potato based starch developed specifically for use in dietary powders and gels.


A cost effective and non-allergenic alternative to traditional egg or dairy based glaze.

PotaPro 1500

Potato protein for animal feed and pet food

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