Superior Potato Starch

Superior Potato Starch - native starch extracted from Danish potatoes

Exceptionally pure

Potato Starch can be used in an exceptionally wide range of food products, including noodles, meat products, dry mixes, and extruded food products.

KMC Superior Potato Starch is produced in Denmark from Danish potatoes using Danish groundwater. This results in an untreated starch with exceptionally high purity – physically, chemically, and microbiologically.

KMC Superior Potato Starch has properties like low gelatinization temperature, high viscosity, neutral taste, and high transparency. It can be delivered with moisture contents from 4-20%.

This ingredient is a cook-up starch. For cold processes, choose ColdSwell 1111, a native, pregelatinized starch. For foods with a low pH value, processes involving high temperatures and/or long cooking and heavy mechanical treatment, choose a suitably modified starch


KMC Superior Potato starch

Native potato starch of high purity.

KMC Superior Starch M4-M14
Native potato starch of high purity with low moisture contents.


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