Ideal for protein fortification of health-oriented products such as baked products, snacks, and bars

Plant-based times call for great proteins

Healthier options 
Proteins are indispensable for the human body and protein fortification of food products is a growing trend. Consumers seek healthier options, and more and more food manufacturers look to plant-based proteins, when developing their next food success.

Plant-powered nutrition
Protafy is a non-functional, high quality protein concentrate extracted from non-GMO Danish potatoes. With its light brown color, mild taste and high percentage of protein in solids, it is ideal for protein fortification of e.g. bakery, pasta, and snacks.

An excellent source of protein
Protafy is exceptional among the plant-based proteins because of its high nutritional quality. Containing all essential amino acids and with great DIAAS and BCAA values, it is a perfect ingredient for products targeting muscle building and recovery for health-oriented consumers. It is also an optimal nutrition for the growing flexitarian segment.

Protafy 130

Protafy 130 is ideal for protein fortification of products based on a dough system, e.g. bakery, pasta or extruded snacks and pellets.

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