The Gelamyl advantage

The Gelamyl range of potato-based modified starches gives you easy access to a wide variety of different textures for your plant-based gummy/jelly-type confectionery products – from soft to hard and from elastic to brittle. Gelamyl ingredients provide a cost-effective alternative to more expensive traditional gelling agents, such as gelatine and gums.

Gelamyl solutions for your particular production needs

KMC Gelamyl starches form gels that are particularly clear and transparent and with a neutral flavor profile. This ensures bright colors and a full release of flavors. Gelamyl starches are shear and heat resistant and retain low viscosity while hot. They are easy to handle during molding and can be dried for as short as 24 hours. When partially replacing gelatin a drying temperature of 25oC can be maintained. 

The full list

Gelamyl solutions

Gelamyl 100 series

Modified starch for gelatin replacement in soft gummies and jellies

Gelamyl 120, 125, and 140 provides soft and short textures in plant-based gummies & jellies, with or without sanding or as jelly bean centers. Also ideal for partial replacement of gelatin for cost-saving purposes.

Gelamyl 300 series

Gelamyl 308 is developed for firm gummies like English winegums or similar products. Viscosity during production is low, making moulding easy and without tailing. 

Gelamyl 800 series

With these products you can obtain a plant-based gummy with a texture that comes close to a gelatin containing product.

Gelamyl 3000-4000 series

This series is developed for liqorice and pastilles with a firm to hard texture, making it possible to avoid wheat flour or gum arabic. Viscosity during production is low, which makes moulding easy.

Gelamyl 700 series

Gelamyl 701 is for plant-based chewy candy products.

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