Doing business

Acting responsibly

KMC’s roots – then and now – are in Danish potato farming. We’re practical people, well aware that any short cuts almost always boomerang.

We keep our business practices sensible, efficient and responsible. Careful common sense makes good business for everyone – as we’ve consistently proved.

At KMC, we don’t go in for fancy jargon. With 80+ years of solid commercial success under our belt, we’re in this business for the long haul. We prepared to be judged by our actions and our track record.

KMC stands out in the business world for its unique ownership constellation – we’re 100% owned by the Danish potato farmers who grow our raw materials. This means everyone at KMC has a shared interest in honest, responsible business practices, and in meeting (or exceeding) – customer expectations.

Our distinctive ownership structure also gives us full control – and responsibility – for the value chain for the ingredients we make. This means you can be sure of what you get from KMC and KMC ingredients.

If you’d like to read more about KMC’s position on responsible business, click here (English version).

Her kan du hente en Dansk version af KMC’s CSR rapport.