KMC characteristics

KMC advantages

At KMC, we’re selective about the ingredients we choose to specialise in. KMC customers get the full benefit of our specialists’ rapid-response attention and assistance, on the best possible terms.

Different needs, different answer

We’re a relatively small, agile ingredients company that is deliberately and carefully selective about what we make and therefore, we can’t, don’t and won’t try to do everything for everyone.

Some KMC customers want reliable, consistent deliveries of ordinary unrefined potato starch in bulk, with a minimum of bother. Others require different degrees of customisation in the specs and recipes, and need to continually alter and refine how they use KMC’s more specialised standard products.


KMC products are aimed exclusively at the food industry. Even so, we simply haven’t got the resources to configure and deliver KMC ingredients to every specialist market across the colossal spectrum of the global food industry. Trying to do so would mean losing “the personal touch” and the agile responsiveness that our customers say they value so much.


There simply aren’t that many of us, so we prioritise our naturally limited resources. Our focus normally revolves around:

  • Companies/manufacturing operations whose size and set-up mean we can help most
  • Selected product groups where KMC expertise and know-how can generate the best possible commercial results

But we’re enough of an old-fashioned “seize good opportunities” business operation to also step up for any big commercial openings that might arise outside these focus areas.

Mid-size magic

The customers we can do most for are generally in the medium-volume size band. It’s often in companies of this kind where the path from ideas to decisions is relatively short and where even small improvements in ingredient recipes and production configurations can result in big leaps in product performance – and end-user satisfaction.

It’s also in companies of this general nature that we can most effectively implement KMC’s know-how sharing and customer-centric service ambitions, to help generate the best results.

At KMC you’re a high priority

At KMC you don’t get lost in the customer crowd. We’d rather have fewer customers that are solidly satisfied and can see the practical benefits and commercial pay-offs from long-term collaboration than lots of customers where it’s just a question of buying and selling a commodity.

We commit strongly to productive, long-term collaboration with the customers we have.