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The Gelamyl advantage

The Gelamyl range of potato-based modified starches gives you easy access to a wide variety of different textures for your gum and jelly-type confectionery products – from soft to hard and from elastic to brittle.

Gelamyl ingredients provide a cost-effective alternative to more expensive traditional gelling agents, such as gelatine and gums.

While gelatine originates from animals, Gelamyl ingredients are purely vegetable in origin. This gives you a unique opportunity to manufacture food products that cater to the tastes of consumers throughout the world, regardless of religion or cultural orientation.

Gelamyl solutions for your particular production needs

KMC provides Gelamyl solutions for virtually any requirements your company may have in conjunction with manufacturing gum and jelly products.

Gelamyl starches form gels that are particularly clear and transparent, so that any colours show forth with full effect. And the neutral flavour profile of potato starch ensures full release of any flavours you may add.

Gelamyl starches also have the advantage of being highly resistant to both mechanical stress and high temperatures. Even at high dosages, Gelamyl ingredients retain low viscosity while hot. They are also easy to handle during moulding, resulting in savings on time, space and energy.

Gelamyl range

Gelamyl ingredient solutions enable you to replicate the wide spectrum of textures obtainable with traditional starches, from soft gummy candy to hard pastilles. Gelamyl solutions can be applied alone or in combination with other gelling agents, for a more elastic texture.

Gelamyl solutions are competitive on price, and pave the way to significant cost reductions when used to partially replace gelatine.

  • Full spectrum of textures
  • Exceptional product clarity
  • Lower product costs

Gelamyl 800 range

The breakthrough Gelamyl 800 range of ingredients opens up big new confectionery production opportunities by replacing gelatine in full, paving the way to savings of as much as 50%.

Gelamyl 800 ingredients enable you to fully replicate the texture properties of traditional gelling agents (such as gelatine and gums), as well as providing exciting new textures not available using traditional starches.

  • Exciting new textures
  • Lower product costs
  • Vegetable origin


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