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KMC PotaPro 1500

KMC PotaPro 1500 is extracted during the refining process used for production of potato starch. The raw potato is grinded into a mash and the first thing refined in the process is an isolation of the potato juice, which forms 75% of a potato.

The potato juice contains the entire protein part and by means of an acid treatment, the protein is precepitated and undergoes a very careful drying process.

KMC PotaPro 1500 is used exclusively for feed – primarily for pigs, mink and Pet Food – and as a vegetable raw protein, it is extremely requested for compound feed.

What makes the Potato Protein interesting for feed is the composition of essential amino acids that are very special and unique in Potato Protein.

Lysine:           Min.  5.4%
Methionine:  Min.  1.5%
Valine:           Min.  4.8%
Cysteine:       Min.  0.8%

KMC PotaPro 1500 is a high-quality product with a content of raw protein of approx. 78% and it is deliverable in 25 kg bags, 1,000 kg. big bags or in whole loads in Bulk transport.